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A Beginner's Guide to Field Lining
By SYS President Chip Bradway and S.P.O.R.T.S. Staff

Picture this – You pull into Cumberland Park, hit the tailgate button and fling your carefully packed folding chair onto your shoulder to head out to the field.

As you set your chair down on the grass (in the perfect spot, so you can see every moment of your child’s game) your toes hit that crisp painted white line. It’s the boundary that marks the spectators from the players, the offense from the defense. It’s an essential part of all youth sport games played on athletic fields.

But how does it get there? The answer might surprise you. Read more.


Five Things You'll Learn at Softball Opening Day
By Ashlee Alexander, FHSE Youth Softball Special Events Director

Pulling up to Olio Fields you can feel the spirit in the air. You see the crowd of teams, parents and coaches swarming around the concession stand area awaiting instructions on where to line up for the parade. It’s a big day for many girls in the FHSE Softball Community and its impact extends past the season. Here’s the top five takeaways:

ONE: Players are excited to get on the field for their FIRST game of the season. 

Players are giddy with excitement, holding their team banners and dressed to reflect the theme for the day. The pride and confidence in the girls’ faces is evident as they prepare to walk in the parade. Parents line the route enthusiastically. As they all pass behind The Grand Marshall each team is waving and chanting.  They light up towards the end of the route when the DJ announces their team name with enthusiasm. Then, it’s time to PLAY BALL!! 

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